100% Prince Edward Island milk makes it better!

Taste the difference.

What makes Dairy Isle’s butter taste better? First, we separate the rich cream from our fresh milk that’s delivered daily, pasteurize the cream and churn it in small batches.

Afterwards, just the right amount of salt is added and then the solid butter is ‘worked’ to attain the right texture and moisture content.

Our finished butter is cut, wrapped and ready to be enjoyed.

Delight in the difference 100% Prince Edward Island milk makes!

Unsalted Dairy Isle Butter

Taste the difference.

Traditionally known as “baker’s butter”, unsalted Dairy Isle butter is the purest form of Prince Edward Island’s sweet creamery best. The small artisanal-style batches created by our butter craftsman has a more pronounced mellow sweetness and is ideal for baking and recipes that require a fresher, more pronounced mellow sweetness. We’re sure that you’ll agree 100% Prince Edward Island milk makes butter better.

In times of stress and crisis, community matters more than ever.

ADL exists because of our community values and we salute the many
unsung heroes that make our lives better, Unsung heroes like our local Dairy farmers, our skilled and caring processing staff and our incredible delivery staff that we all rely upon daily.

Atlantic Canadians get it, which is why we always lend a hand where and when it’s needed. It’s just our way, and it’s the right way.

So let’s all support our neighbours, especially the ones who could use a hand, and remember:

Together, we’ll all get through this.